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Oasis Venture

If you have big ideas and want to make them a reality then this is the place for you. Oasis Venture is a 15-week program that helps youth entrepreneurs create and start their own businesses.

Here’s how:
Youth who are selected participate in weekly courses. Hands-on activities guide you through the process of developing a business.

Along the way, you’ll receive support from adult entrepreneurs and get to tour local businesses and spaces for entrepreneurs.

Following the program, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your business to a group of investors and earn money towards your startup. 

Who can participate?
• High school students ages 14–18 years old
• Individuals may apply; however, we strongly encourage you to apply in teams

I’m interested, but what if I don’t have a business idea?
No problem! You can come to one of our community workshop to develop your skills and see if the program is right for you.

For more information and the program application, check out the Oasis Venture website or email Brandon Hill.

16 teens jumped at the chance to explore their dreams of being entrepreneurs in 2017, with 1 student selected for a $1,000 startup grant.
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