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Welcome Kits

During the day, we open our doors to young people ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness. One of our main goals is to help young people move into stable housing.

When this happens, often young people have nothing when they are able to move into an apartment. To celebrate the move and help set them up for success, we try to give each young person a welcome kit to help turn their house into a home. Here are some items to include:

Priority: Full size sheets; pillow; blanket; dish soap; sponge; towel/hand towel/rag; all-purpose cleaner; paper towels; toilet paper; shampoo/conditioner/body wash; Kroger Gift Cards

If possible: Full size comforter; trash can; dishes (plates/bowls/cups that are microwave safe); pots/pans; laundry bag; hangers

For more information, contact Carlee Smith at