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International Teen Outreach Program® (ITOP®)

Oasis has implemented the Teen Outreach Program (TOP®) in Metro Schools for over 25 years. First developed by the Wyman Center in St. Louis, TOP® is an evidence-based program focused on helping youth build healthy behaviors, life skills, and a sense of purpose.

Nashville’s increasing cultural diversity prompted us to adapt the TOP® model to create ITOP (International Teen Outreach Program) at four MNPS schools. Uniquely designed for New American youth, ITOP helps immigrant and refugee teens connect to our community so they feel a sense of belonging and confidence in who they are. Teens are encouraged to celebrate and share their cultural traditions while they explore new friendships and opportunities in their schools and neighborhoods.

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

During the school day, ITOP groups provide a supportive space to help teens navigate tricky topics like relationships, peer pressure, identity, and the needs of their community.

Equally important is what occurs out of school. Throughout the year, youth plan and lead an array of service-learning projects on the needs they identify, from urban gardening to teen driver safety to painting murals.

Last year, ITOP groups at four schools engaged 158 international students in service-learning experiences.
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