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Emergency Shelter

The teenage years can feel overwhelming—both for young people and for their families. Often teens and families have a tough time expressing their feelings or dealing with change and can end up feeling hurt, confused, and like they’ve lost all control.

While every family’s situation is unique, the Emergency Shelter provides a safe place to stay for teens, ages 13–17, who have run away or need a break from conflict at home. During a short-term stay, we work with teens and their families to stabilize crisis situations, heal, and reunite whenever possible.

Each day, young people staying at the Shelter participate in counseling, attend school at the Oasis Learning Center (a partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools), engage in group activities, and connect with other Oasis programs like the Art Studio and Oasis College Connection.

Families also participate in counseling during the young person’s shelter stay. Once the shelter stay is over, youth and families create a personalized plan to help stay engaged in services and to sustain positive change and healthy home environments.

In just the past two years, 97% of the 288 teens and families we served through the Emergency Shelter were safely reunited and avoided placement in foster care.
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Learning Center Volunteering

School Year Shifts

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9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Summer enrollment for year-long programming

Who We Need

Volunteers who have experience working with youth and are comfortable tutoring in basic school subjects, including math, science, English and history, are utilized in the Oasis Learning Center.