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Life can get really overwhelming and complicated. No matter what you’re dealing with, Oasis is where you’ll find a safe place to talk and get some help figuring things out. Our counselors are people you can trust to listen in a judgment-free zone. We have a lot of experience helping young people and families deal with difficult situations.

We will help you to:
• Set goals for what you would like to accomplish
• Create a long-term plan
• Strengthen positive relationships
• Avoid crisis situations

*Oasis Center is committed to protecting the privacy of those we serve. Any personal information we collect is used internally and solely for the purposes of providing services to youth in the community. No personal information will be shared with any other entities or used for any other reason without written consent from the youth and/or their families/guardians.

Call 615.327.4455 or email to schedule your appointment or ask questions, or fill out this form.

We are here to listen and help you through whatever issue you are dealing with, no matter how small or large you may think it is.

994 youth & families established a goal plan to improve their conditions. 96% felt successful at reaching their goals.
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