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Oasis Transitions

Sometimes life gets in the way of your college and career goals. You might be at a loss for what to do next.

Oasis Transitions helps young people, ages 16–24, find a good job and get on track to achieving your career dreams.

Here are some of ways we can help:
• Find a job that’s right for you
• Enroll in college or a vocational program
• Build a resume and practice interviewing
• Learn how to manage the money you make
• Discover your strengths and career interests
• Create a college and career plan with a caring adult staff
• Get help taking care of personal needs that stand in the way to your success
• Tour colleges and businesses to get a feel for what you like
• Get involved in the community through volunteering
• Build relationships with career mentors
• Develop leadership skills

How do I get involved?
Give us a call at 615-327-4455 to talk with a Transitions staff person to see if you’re eligible for the program. If not, we’ll connect you with some other resources to help.

The number of youth who gained work experiences through paid employment by participtating in Oasis Transitions last year
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