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Reaching Excellence As Leaders (REAL)

The REAL program is the place to help you work things out. The program is more than just a “second chance.” It’s an opportunity to leave the past in the past and move forward in the right direction.

In this 13-week program, you will:
• Engage in real talk about dreams, values, relationships, manhood, juvenile justice, and gangs
• Connect with adults you can relate to
• Build leadership skills
• Participate in creative arts
• Work on projects that improve our neighborhoods
• Learn about different careers and colleges through tours and guest speakers
• Spend quality time with family by going on field trips to museums, plays, and concerts

You have a purpose and REAL wants to help you uncover it and help it flourish.

How do I get involved?
Most young people are referred by Nashville’s Juvenile Court.

For more information, contact
Aaron Doxy

The number of youth who completed the REAL Program instead of going through the juvenile justice system
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