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The Underground Art Studio at Oasis

The Underground Art Studio is a safe place to tap into your creative energy through painting, drawing, digital art, music, video, photography, dance, writing, sculpture, street art, and so much more.

Some things you can do in the Art Studio:
• Practice different artistic techniques
• Learn from local artists
• Explore college and career options in the arts
• Have freedom to explore your creative interests
• Express yourself in new ways

In our Art Studio, you can also help make Nashville a more colorful, vibrant, and inclusive community. All across town, we help youth create murals, sculptures, street art, and other big projects to express messages of social change.

What if I’m not good at art?
The Art Studio is for youth with all levels of artistic abilities. Everyone has the power to express themselves creatively.

How do I get involved?
If you’re interested in coming by, email Erihii Nyamor, Artist-in-Residence and Art Studio Specialist, to schedule an appointment or find out more information.

Art Studio participants reported feeling they “can make a difference in the community using art.”
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