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Adopt A Racer! Oasis Mountain Bike Team Hits the Trails!

Founded in 2009, the Oasis Bike Workshop is a year round earn-a-bike program that empowers Nashville’s young people with alternative transportation. Two years ago, several of the teens wanted to start a race team and convinced the Bike Workshop Coordinator, Dan Furbish, to give them a chance. They hit the trails and never looked back.

Now they need support as they grow and achieve in the mud and muck!

Adopt A Racer and your help will get our team off to the races this season. Our racers need to have the gear to ride safe (and fast!), cover cost of travel and accommodations, and race entry fees, and a few first aid kits.

$1500=Transportation and accommodations for one race
$600=Meals for 10 VERY hungry young men (and two wranglers) for 2-3 days
$400=Entry fee for one race
$400=Gear/Team expenses: Bike parts, tires, cables, tools, band aids
$120=Stuff they need: trip snacks, drinks for drink-holders, more band aids

Donate here to support the team!

NPR’s “All Things Considered” recently shared an update as they gear up for their second season. Listen in or read the story here: "International Teens Take To The Trail"