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Meet Blanca and Favi

When you sit down with these two sisters, get ready for a beautiful exchange that will instantly warm your heart.

Born in Honduras, their parents came to the United States seeking a better life for their family. Leaving Favi, Blanca and their two brothers behind with other family members, they worked and waited until they were certain they could bring everyone together successfully. And after four years, their family was united again.

“Our parents have always been so hard working and just kind of leading the way for us . . . when we came we didn't even know how to say hi, but they never gave up.”

“They made us see the perspective that people in our home country would give anything to have our opportunity, our chance . . . at the American dream.”

Favi and Blanca are deeply grateful for their parents and others who have helped them push through self-doubt, fear, and all of the thoughts that told them they couldn’t do it.

“They weren’t just an Oasis phase. They became Oasis friends.”

They tell the story about visiting Oasis Center’s Jenn Garcia (Miss Jenn) after they graduated from high school. They got to know Jenn when they were students in our International Teen Outreach Program (ITOP). She asked Favi and Blanca if they were going to college and when they said, “No,” Jenn told them about Lee Gray with Oasis College Connection.

They met with Lee and within a month, they were both accepted into college. Blanca recalled giving Lee “a thousand excuses” why they couldn’t do it. Lee would just shake his head responding to every one of their excuses with a way to make it happen. And it did.

“Their advice played such a huge role for us to continue our education.”

Watch this recent Zoom clip as Favi and Blanca talk about how Oasis helped them.