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Can you say, "YOUth FUNCount?"

On January 25th, Oasis and Launch Pad put the FUN in Nashville's YOUth Count! Every year, cities across the nation are asked to canvass streets and shelters to count the number of people experiencing homelessness. Our young people came in and completed surveys which provides us with greater insight into youth homelessness. For example, we learned that 72% report difficulty finding housing because of income. We estimate that a person making minimum wage would have to work 87 hours per week to reasonably afford (30% of income on rent) a one-bedroom apartment ($756 "fair market rent") in Nashville.

While we continue to learn a lot about youth homelessness, filling out surveys really isn't our idea of fun so we threw a PARTY! We had 40 young people join us- our highest turnout yet! They spent the night, ate pizza, sang Karaoke, danced, laughed, and played basketball.

It was THEIR night (of course, as you can see from the picture, staff had a good time too- along with our favorite disc jockey, DJ Non-Profit)! Really? It was OUR night!