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Making the Future Bright for Nashville's Youth

“You get to be that person who changes a young person’s life just by connecting with them.”

The Oasis Center believes in supporting youth as they transition to happy, healthy adults participating in their communities.

That’s why we care for our youth through programs that help them navigate their future steps. Oasis College Connection and Oasis Transitions help youth own the right next step for their development, whether that’s a job, a traditional four-year college, or a trade or technical school.

Daryl Curry, College Connection Mentor Coordinator, sums up Oasis’ approach to future steps like this: “It gives [youth] a shot at figuring out ‘What do I want to commit my life to?’ and ‘What do I want to be prepared for?’ And it gives them the experience to go ahead and prepare for that.”

Watch this video to hear one student’s story from Jackie Herrera, Oasis College Connections Mentor.