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C2H Supports Youth

Our Crisis to Housing teams went above and beyond to make sure young people experiencing homelessness had a safe and warm place to take shelter during January’s snowstorm. They braved the inclement weather to ensure that the Outreach Center remained open for youth who needed a place to keep warm during daytime hours. We welcomed an average of 28 people per day, with a record-breaking 38 youth on Friday.

We were also able to keep the Emergency Shelter open round-the-clock for three teens who were snowed in with us throughout the week. Our amazing staff and volunteers not only showed up for these young people, they also made the week entertaining by organizing snowball fights, hosting movie nights with popcorn, and playing board games galore.

In addition, staff participated in the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) count on January 25. PIT is a national count of sheltered and unsheltered people who are experiencing homelessness on a single night in January to provide an overall sense of homelessness in America. Oasis volunteers focused on engaging with 18-to-24-year-olds, which gave them another opportunity to connect youth to necessary resources.

Oasis Center’s Crisis to Housing is a continuum of programs and services focused on helping youth and young adults experiencing homelessness secure housing, employment, and long-term self-sufficiency and stability. Programs include the Emergency Shelter, serving 13-to-17-year-olds, and the Outreach and Rapid Rehousing programs, which both serve young people ages 18-24.