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Students of Stonewall

Students of Stonewall is an organized group of diverse high school students who lend their voices and skills for positive change within their community. These student leaders work to transform Middle Tennessee into an open and affirming community for all people, with a focus on those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, or anywhere on the spectrum of identities.

Through a partnership with The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI) and 5 other LGBTQ+ agencies across the country, our Students of Stonewall youth action and advocacy team is helping to develop a formal LGBTQ+ Safe Space designation for public venues and businesses. We were recently joined by founder of SIGBI, and co-owner of the historic Stonewall Inn, Stacy Lentz for a virtual roundtable to give input on what makes a space truly safe for LGBTQ+ people.