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Eduardo's Story

December 18, 2018

Hello! My name is Eduardo. I wasn't born in America. I was born in Honduras. For the first five years of my life, I lived there with my grandparents. When they decided I was old enough, we began the trek to America.…

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MNPS Research and Vanderbilt NLSYSW get feedback from Maptivists4


December 18, 2018

One of our newest programs! The Community Mapping (Maptivist) program at Oasis Center is one of three main components of the Nashville Longitudinal Study of Youth Safety and Well-Being (NLSYSW), a five-year research study at Vanderbilt University funded by the National Institute…

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A Proud Moment

February 5, 2019

This past December, our Oasis Transitions team attended the Nashville Workforce Network Engagement Luncheon. Gena Shearon, Employer Partner of the Year recipient, and other partners were quick to recognize the accomplishments of Oasis Transitions participant and Hospitality Training graduate, Gavin Wilson. She…

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